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Youth Changers Kenya Profile

Youth Changers Kenya (YCK) is a community based organization.YCK promotes sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) through advocacy, provision of information and services through referrals, mentorship & leadership training and psychosocial support among young people.
YCK works with different partners and stakeholders to realize its goals and objectives. The main target is the young people and marginalized groups (women), with special focus on young girls from tea plantations areas in Limuru.

Our Vision
YCK envisages a community where everyone has access to sexual and reproductive health and rights information and SRHR needs and choices of young people are respected.

Our Mission
YCK is committed to promoting high quality, high impact and gender-sensitive sexual and reproductive health and rights information  for vulnerable groups especially girls from tea plantations and marginalized groups aged  (15 – 30 years) in Limuru area through capacity building, lobbying & advocacy and strategic partnerships.

Core Values
The following are guiding values of YCK
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Impact
  • Quality Information
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Participation and teamwork
Strategic Goals
Our programme focus is aligned to the following themes:
  •  Access to SRHR information
  • Adolescents and youth aged 15 – 30 years of age as primary clients.
  • Advocacy to counter barriers that limit access to sexual and reproductive health services and information.
  • Provision of information to marginalized groups and vulnerable people with a focus on young girls in tea plantations.
  •  Participation in the International, regional and National advocacy to influence policy change.

Guiding Principles
  • Gender and youth equity are considered an integral part of all policies and programmes
  • Maintaining the effectiveness and quality provision of SRHR Information.
  • Non-discrimination on grounds of age, sex, race, sexual orientation, disability, HIV status or in any other aspects subject to local law
  • Meaningful Youth Participation among young people.
Participation in Grassroots, National, Regional and International meetings to promote SRHR among young people with a key focus on girls from un reached areas (tea plantations) and in ICPD program of action and POST 2015 processes.
Participation in Conference for Population and development support from Youth Coalition
Mentorship and leadership
Training of young people on SRHR , basic life skills and economic empowerment.This will be done through provision of consistent mentorship and coaching programmes among young people in Limuru area, to enhance their leadership capacity and ability to make informed choices and decisions.
Life skills training for young girls
Boys chat
Psychological support
Establish a mental health project that will address psychological challenges affecting youth include; Suicide, depression, self esteem, peer pressure and Substance abuse by providing individual and group counseling.
Group counseling

 Peer education Academy
The academy programme aims at equipping young people with information and skills on Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights and other life skills to support their peers.
Through this programme YCK believes peers will develop transferable work-related skills such as communication, advising, counseling and presentations skills, in addition to leadership and teamwork experience and be able to reach out to fellow peers.
Photo with students after a session
                                               “Together we can make our voices heard”

For more information, contact:

Youth Changers Kenya
P.O Box 27745-00100,
Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: 0770-406528
Face book: Youth Changers Kenya

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