Thursday, 14 February 2019


1. *Sarah*

*Sarah* is my name. I am 21 years of age. My mentor referred me to YCK to help me deal with trauma. My close relative who was almost like a brother abused me sexually and leaving with him on the same roof made healing slower than expected. I was scared of sharing this with anyone because I knew no one could believe my story. I needed emotional support and that is what YCK offered me. Besides that, I was going through a family crisis which I am still going through but now I can manage and handle what is going on. Though am still struggling I couldn't have been where I am without the support received from YCK. Youth Changers has taught me how to be courageous, assertive, confident, resilient, outspoken and they gave me a listening ear. I would go for this organization over others a million times. Thanks for your support.


My name is*Reena* I am 20 years old. I heard about Youth Changers Kenya from a friend. I have been part of the organization for the past two years. When I first joined the organization I was dealing with low self- esteem. I am now confident and I have high levels of self-awareness. I have received counseling services; coaching, mentorship, and opportunities from the organization have made me a better person.


My name is *Joe* I am 26 years old from Kiambu- County. I have known YCK for 4 years through a friend. It has been an awesome journey because I have gained knowledge through their forums. I have had the privilege of accessing sexual health information. YCK has enlightened me and I am able to make informed choices and decisions. I find it very difficult talking about my personal issues during the forums because many times friends are always present. However, it is easier to talk about a topic though not to disclose personal experiences. Many times I choose to keep my issues as a secret due to the pain I have experienced. I  am also concerned about what people will think about me. YCK has been so supportive of the youths; it would be great if they can come up with an online platform where young people can be able to discuss their issues without fear.

My name is *Esther* I am 21 years old. I was born and raised in Kiambu County.  I joined high school and my dream was to become an environmental scientist. I did not perform well in KCSE making it difficult for me to pursue my dream. I was so confused, hopeless and I almost giving up with life after high school. I was not sure what move to take next. I was linked up to Youth Changers Kenya where I received career guidance, mentorship & coaching. I realized all is not lost and I will not allow my KCSE grades to determine my future. YCK supported me in choosing a Career. I completed my Certificate course and I intend to enroll for a diploma program this year. I have also had the privilege of being a student leader in college.


I interacted with Youth Changers Kenya when I was 14 years. I was a troubled child who had experienced emotional, verbal abuse and I was separated from my family (grew up with my grandmother). I didn’t have high levels of confidence and struggled with low self-esteem. I hated myself and wished that I was dead. My school performance went low as a result of what was happening. YCK showed me empathy and care which helped me feel understood (this kept me going). "Getting someone to hold me up has brought me this far". My levels of confidence have improved; I have more self-worth and improved my leadership abilities (which made me become the school head-girl). Additionally, I have developed resilience and handle challenges differently. Through YCK I had the opportunity to interact with top county officials (this has been such an honor) and represented young people in a national conference. I am a different person who is optimistic about life & meeting mentors has made me have a different view of life. “Walk with great minds you will become a great mind”.

Monday, 30 April 2018

A walk through 2017 activities( Youth Changers Kenya)

                                      Human Rights Champion training led by KELIN

                                                          Afya Bora  Soccer Tournament
                                                      Youth Changers Kenya Advocates

                                                We love Fun! Ice breaker time

                                  World AIDS day with County Health Co-ordinator Kiambu

                                                                   Youth Na Plan

                                             Sexuality discussion with youth in church

                                                        Sports for Health Tournament

We love YCK


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

"Sex chat in church"

Many young people are not free to discuss sex and sexuality in religious institutions. This was not the case for this amazing team of young people. Unlike other religious platforms where people are shy talking about their sexuality, this team proved to us that we are slowly breaking the social taboos that hinder sex discussions in such set-ups. 

1. When you think of sex, what comes into your mind?  
    (Internalized beliefs about sex)
2. What are some of the narratives you were told about Sexuality? 
    (Messages about sex)
3. Where did you learn about sexual intercourse? 
    (Factors that influence sexuality)
4. What do your parents tell you about sex in general? 
    (Do parents talk about sex?)

The essence of asking the young people these questions was to determine the stories/script and narratives that young people have regarding sexuality. It enabled us demystify some of the myths associated with sexuality. The stories we tell ourselves are often based on messages received from society or our families (social construction). Dominant Narratives are beliefs, values, and practices about sex that appear to be negative. 

Below are visual excerpts of our discussion with the amazing group of young people from a religious institution. 

Young people engage in sexual intercourse because of peer pressure

Young people learn best when engaged

A parent was in my session!

Sex is not bad ...

Game time!

Anything good about sex?

Using games to make our discussion fun

It was interesting to hear remarks regarding how they perceive sexuality in general. The young people explained having learnt about sex from school, parents, peers and the media. Moreover, parents always have difficulty talking to their young people about sex. If the discussion is present, it portrays sex in a negative manner. 

YCK commits to providing young people with information to enable them make informed choices. We strive to ensure that young people in religious institution feel comfortable about their sexuality.